Discover 14 enchanting destinations within 30-45 minutes’ drive from Emporio and experience the ultimate adventure!


Εmporio - Kozani

Starting from Emporio, we go to Kozani. The "walk", which takes place in winter-summer on the central pedestrian street that starts from the bell tower, is its trademark. Here, you will find a library that competes the National Library in "treasures", beautiful villages with flowering gardens and a small "Grand Canyon", the famous Bouharia. An excursion to historic Serbia, a walk at Lake Polyfytou and a tour to magical Velvedo are just a few reasons why you will love Kozani.

Εmporio - Kastoria

Starting from Emporio we go to Kastoria, one of the most beautiful Greek cities. The fabulous lake Orestiada and the idyllic lakeside path that passes under plane trees and Byzantine churches promises to enchant you. The picturesque Doltsos with its imposing mansions, the surrounding lakeside villages like Dispilio and Mavrochori, the traditional arched bridges, the abundant Byzantine aura and the breathtaking view of Prophet Elias will give you many reasons to come back.

Εmporio - Florina

Starting from Emporio, we go to Florina. Florina’s many different features make it a magical place with dense forests, stone houses and cobbled streets, golden reeds, calm waters, flocks of birds and friendly locals. It is worth walking along the banks of the small river Sakouleva that crosses the city to see many neoclassical buildings along with houses of Macedonian architecture. In the area you will find beautiful, picturesque villages and settlements that promise to travel you to early times.

Εmporio - Nymfaio

Starting from Emporio we go to the magical Nymfaio! At an altitude of 1,350m, Nymfaio is a sight for sore eyes. A Macedonian village located in a stunning natural landscape on the ridge of Mt Vernon (also known as Vitsi), it is like a setting from a fairy tale. An aristocratic, restored traditional settlement (protected by the culture ministry) it is one of the best winter holiday destinations in Greece and besides the ten most beautiful villages in Europe, as foreign travel guides present it. Here, you’ll revel in fine wine and delicious local delicacies, wander the streets of the village and explore the trails in the beech tree forest. You’ll meet the bears that live in the Arcturos environmental protection centre, the only one of its kind in Greece. You must also visit the village of Aeto, which dates back two thousand years, but also go to Agrapidies, in order to see the wolf shelters that Arcturos is also hosting here!

Εmporio - Grevena

Starting from Emporio we head for Grevena. The beautiful Macedonian mushroom town where man coexists harmoniously with nature. The village is surrounded by high mountains, verdant forests, streams, rivers and creeks, impressive stone bridges and old churches. The most beautiful bridge of the area is Portitsa, near the village of Spilaio. Explore the mountainous villages of Grevena and relax alongside crystal-clear rivers!

Εmporio - Valia Calda

Starting from Emporio we go to idyllic Valia Calda, one of the most important National Parks in Greece. It is located between Grevena and Ioannina in the Pindos Mountain range and covers an area of ​​approximately 69km2. The park includes the valley of Valia Calda which reaches an altitude of 1,400m. A scene of wild beauty is created by the surrounding mountains and the streams crossing the valley. The name "Valia Calda" means warm valley in the regional dialect; apparently given as a euphemism as this is one of the coolest regions of the country. Feel the mysterious atmosphere of the dream valley and take a journey to the past...

Εmporio - Lake Vegoritida


Starting from Emporio, we go to Lake Vegoritida which is located in Agios Pandeleimonas village. Surrounded by the mountains of Verno, Voras and Vermion, Vegoritida is a very important biotope and it is also the deepest lake in Greece. While in the area, you are welcome to marvel the majestic views to Kaimaktsalan as well as the wild birds and spectacular sunset. The amazing landscape and countless fish in its waters, make Vegoritida lake a favorite fishing spot. The myth says that the lake of Vegoritida was created by a well that a girl forgot to cover, flooding the plain. Anyway, it's definetely a destination you should discover, since the area is really a hidden treasure.

Εmporio – Lake Petron


Starting from Emporio we go to Lake Petron. Situated amidst the mountains Verno, Voras, Askio and Vermion, is one of the several rare species and offers an oasis on earth for everyone to enjoy. Relax and admire the most enchanting view of this mystical lake through the relaxing tranquility. Meet the wildlife of nature and indulge in long birdwatching to calm your mind and soul.








Emporio - Lake Chimaditida


Starting from Emporio we go to Lake Chimaditida. A lake different from the others because of its sweet melancholy. Chimaditida, Zazari, Vegoritida and Petron are all that remain of a larger lake, Eordaia, that once occupied 1,000 square kilometers and had a depth of 250 meters. The lakes are connected via a system of dykes whereby the smaller ones feed excess water to the larger lakes. The area is considered a wildlife sanctuary. No matter how many times you visit, you will always be excited by the mysterious air of the landscape…

Emporio - Lake Zazari


Starting from Emporio we go to the photogenic Lake Zazari. The nearest settlement to the lake is the community of Limnochori. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the lake on your way to Nymfaio. It is considered to be the smallest lake of the district of Florina. Many rare birds and fish species live in the lake, as you will notice the special light that surrounds Zazari. In fact, an ancient myth says that the lake was created from a girl that left the taps of her house running to drown her wicked mother-in-law. Gold reeds, forgotten piles and many fairy tale stories will drive you far from reality…

Emporio - Vasilitsa Ski Resort


Starting from Emporio we go to the ski resort of Vasilitsa, which is situated in the heart of Pindos. Vasilitsa has all the amenities one would expect from a ski resort and thanks to Egnatia Odos Motorway it has become one of the most popular destinations for skiers in Greece. If you snowboard then head for the halfpipe as it is considered a major attraction.

Emporio - Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort


Starting from Emporio head for Kaimaktsalan ski resort, that occupies the northeastern slope of Mt. Voras, from an altitude of 2,480m, where the highest lift carries the skiers, down to 2,050m, where the luxury chalet is located. The view from the mountain is amazing, since you can see as far as Thermaikos Gulf, the peak of Mt. Olympos, and lake Vegoritida. The ski centre is equipped with 6 ski lifts and 13 ski runs, 15 km in total length (4 red, 4 blue, 3 beginners and 2 langlauf slopes), and 4 ski trails of 3,250m in length. The snowboard fun park invites snowboarders, free skiers and connoisseurs of the snowboard scene, whereas in the snow tubing park everyone can just have fun!

Emporio- Seli Ski Resort


Starting from Emporio we go to Seli ski resort, at Mount Vermio. It is the first organized ski resort in the country at an altitude of 1530m and has unlimited views across central Macedonia. It has 17 slopes of 14 kilometers in total, downhill slopes with varying levels of difficulty to meet each skiing traveler and there are several interesting skiing and off routes. Here, you will live a unique escape experience…

Emporio- 3-5 Pigadia Ski Resort


Starting from Emporio, we go to 3-5 Pigadia ski resort. 3-5 Pigadia (meaning wells) is considered to be one of the best organized ski resorts in Greece. It occupies an area that starts at an altitude of 1430 meters and reaches the altitude of 2005 meters. It is a modern ski center with slopes for every degree of difficulty, which also offers to visitors numerous activities: climbing, trekking, mountain biking. In fact, it has the unique artificial snowmaking system throughout Greece, thus ensuring excellent snow quality throughout the winter season for an absolute sense of freedom. The ski centre has 10 ski runs of 9 km in length, accommodating all skiing levels, one aerial lift and six surface lifts. “Aristoteles” and “Filippos” ski runs lie surrounded by a spellbinding beech forest and are the two most difficult and steep runs in all of Greece, making this a tempting place well known to advanced skiers.