A jewel in the heart of West Macedonia

Our life is full of journeys. Journeys that start every day, on every occasion. Nearby or distant, small or large. Apsis Hotel is inspired by the need of human to be redeemed by everyday life, having as a philosophy the deep belief that the visitor is like a family member who returns home after a long time. Hospitality for us means embracing our guests with a warm and real smile. Apsis Hotel enjoys a particularly advantageous location in the heart of Kozani, overlooking the idyllic scenery of the famous Kastanodassos. A forest covering an enormous area in the Ptolemaida region full of "blessed trees" as chestnuts are called. Stone roads, Macedonian houses, a picturesque square, natural waterfalls and the Temple of St. Minas, create the impression of a historic destination. The charming Emporio spreads to the foothills of Mount Mouriki on the borders of Kozani, Kastoria and Florina and constitutes your strategic base for exploring all the hidden “treasures” of the surrounding areas. Valia Calda, Kozani, Kastoria, Florina, Grevena, Nymfaio, as well as the famous ski resorts of Kaimaktsalan, Vasilitsa, 3-5 Pigadia, Seli, are just 30 to 45 minutes’ drive through lush paths of unique beauty. If you want to experience the sense of a completely traditional building through a contemporary aesthetic, with the stone and wood blending perfectly together, combined with an authentic atmosphere and the decorative elements of the past, then this is the right place. Feel the mysterious atmosphere of Valia Calda which means "warm valley" and admire the high, impressive mountain ranges, the forested slopes and the stunning natural landscape unfolding before your eyes. Discover the town of Kozani and feel the experience of another “Grand Canyon”. Admire the fairy-tale Nymfaio and get to know all the bears hosted by Arcturos at an altitude of 1,350m! Meet the breathtaking rivers, but also the famous lakes Chimaditida, Zazari, Vegoritida and Petron. Greek nature promises to enchant you, as different colors and ecosystems coexist harmoniously in the north.

Apsis Hotel is located at the entrance of Emporio and consists of 17 rooms that are fully harmonized with the local architecture and the natural environment of the region. All rooms have a balcony, while the guest house offers stunning views of the green flat land of Ptolemaida. One of the greatest benefits of Apsis Hotel is its huge, clean and trimmed courtyard full of fragrant flowers, trees and bushes, creating the ultimate scenery for breathing mountain air while overlooking Mouriki and Askio.