Experience the most beautiful moments of your life, at the beautiful place we have created, suitable to host all your important social or business events and offer you and your guests high quality services.


We design and undertake the organization and decoration of your event with original ideas, sophisticated decorations and flowers. Our cooperation with a team of professionals in the fields of gastronomy and wine as well as hospitality, with excellent catering services, photographers, dj's, confectioneries and confectionery workshops, combined with our personal stamp, guarantees a perfect result in the best price.

A dreamy wedding culminates in a dreamy reception. And a dreamy reception needs a great setting. The beautiful and green garden of Apsis Hotel with a capacity of 800 people is the ideal place to celebrate the most special day of your life with your loved ones. An area with aesthetics, a combination of nature and architecture, green with stone and wood, idyllic views and especially the feeling of the feast under the stars promise to offer you unforgettable moments.

Εmporio - Lake Vegoritida


Starting from Emporio, we go to Lake Vegoritida which is located in Agios Pandeleimonas village. Surrounded by the mountains of Verno, Voras and Vermion, Vegoritida is a very important biotope and it is also the deepest lake in Greece. While in the area, you are welcome to marvel the majestic views to Kaimaktsalan as well as the wild birds and spectacular sunset. The amazing landscape and countless fish in its waters, make Vegoritida lake a favorite fishing spot. The myth says that the lake of Vegoritida was created by a well that a girl forgot to cover, flooding the plain. Anyway, it's definetely a destination you should discover, since the area is really a hidden treasure.

Εmporio – Lake Petron


Starting from Emporio we go to Lake Petron. Situated amidst the mountains Verno, Voras, Askio and Vermion, is one of the several rare species and offers an oasis on earth for everyone to enjoy. Relax and admire the most enchanting view of this mystical lake through the relaxing tranquility. Meet the wildlife of nature and indulge in long birdwatching to calm your mind and soul.

Emporio - Lake Chimaditida


Starting from Emporio we go to Lake Chimaditida. A lake different from the others because of its sweet melancholy. Chimaditida, Zazari, Vegoritida and Petron are all that remain of a larger lake, Eordaia, that once occupied 1,000 square kilometers and had a depth of 250 meters. The lakes are connected via a system of dykes whereby the smaller ones feed excess water to the larger lakes. The area is considered a wildlife sanctuary. No matter how many times you visit, you will always be excited by the mysterious air of the landscape…